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I just love to be inspired by strong visual presence of Jo Klima’s design – feminine, artistic and organic, as she describes it on her website TheDarlingTree .
I am a big fan of Jo Klima’s  authentic graphic expression and her good will to share  and inspire via her  blog AugustEmpress . I always browse the shop there to see her new creations of patterns and social buttons – lovely little features you can use to add personal touch to your blog.  Recently I have discovered an amazing opportunity to win a scholarship into her next workshop. Well, here I am, creating my entry and hoping to win. If you would like to try your luck too, find out more about this giveaway valued at $295 AUD here.

I enjoy being inspired by Jo’s feminine touch within online space. It is very nurturing for my soul. So needed from time to time to get a dose of fresh creative energy. Similar to Jo, I also like to inspire. I love inspire mums how to keep their sanity and heart open, when it comes to challenging situations in pregnancy, birth or raising aware children. I love being a mum. My open mind and years of zen training helps me to be keep my sanity and heart open, while raising my little one. It works wonders! There are so many limitations and false believes about children and many parents often struggle to be the loving parent they really want to be. Beside of this blog I have created, where I want to share my parenting views. That blog is waiting to be published, that blog is waiting for its feminine facelift, so its readers (mainly mums) would be also uplifted and nurtured when spending time there.

In our little city of Kosice, by the way it is the second largest city of  Slovakia, I belong to a circle of active mums leading other women on their transformative paths when becoming mothers. There is a need to share these ideas  online to reach wider audience and the site definitely needs a new wind. I would like to create the web presence to be fresh, minimal but feminine. Well, coming to Jo’s design workshop is the best start.

In future I hope to change the visual face of the bCashCoach too and bring more playfulness and fun. I am looking forward to this creative process. There is so much to unfold! Thank you, Jo!

Jo Klima is a freelance graphic and web designer, the founder of  TheDarlingTree and AugustEmpress blog sharing beautiful creative things with her readers. You can subscribe to her mailing list and join the Empress society to receive a fresh splash of creative and feminine energy with inspirational updates on Jo’s new projects and special free downloads. Join the Empress society: 





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