Your shopping choices matter

Our life through history to modern world changed tremendously and from consumers of nature produce we became customers of mainly manufactured goods. In today’s world the solution to our basic needs of food, water, warmth (weather protection) and safety (shelter) comes in a form of commodities and services that we BUY. We are living much more rich, interesting and busy lives … than our ancestors ever dream off.
Human creative potential is constantly making our life even more abundant in choices of comfort, technologies and entertainment. For example when we want to get some clothes there are multiple choices in a material, practicality, style, fashion design and price. This can be applied probably to any item you can think of.
Shopping became an essential part of our everyday life. But who ever taught you how to make wise shopping decisions? How to shop to contribute to sustainable development and support trade system based on justice and fairness?

Buy responsively! This message is so simple. Buy local organically grown vegetables and fruit, so you support development of your local community and keep the carbon footprint low. Buy fair trade products as often as you can so that everyone in the world, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood. Reduce and cut back on the amount of waste you use in your daily life. Try teaching the kids to buy and use only what they need. Recycle! Whenever a product can be shredded, melted or processed it can be recycled. Teach your kids how to know which products can and can not be recycled.
As a loving parent, imagine you teach your kids healthy cash habits, you encourage them to make wise shopping choices and explain them about their ecological footprint contribution. When they grow up it might help them to make logical and compassionate choices for their life and life of others and provide better care for our nature. Every parent is happy to watch their children to flourish on this beautiful planet. Raising financially successful kids will meet the goal when it leads to financially peaceful and prosperous life in their adult years. Setting an example you lead them to get there.


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  1. Emma January 17, 2012 at 9:36 pm # Reply

    Great ideas to share with kids! Fingers crossed for your mission.

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