To use this App efficiently we strongly recommend that you read the documents in the bStudy tab first.

The bCashCoach App is designed for users with two different roles (Banker and Clients):

a) you (parent), as a Banker, are using a 4-digit Master PIN (MPIN) to log in to manage the bank account and saving plans of the child that you choose in bClient tab (there is only one MPIN for all clients to manage – to change the MPIN tap “Edit” button on the left and then “MPIN” button on the right up in bClient tab),

b) your children, as Clients, are using their own 4-digit PIN’s to log in to just view their own bank accounts and saving’s plans – they are allowed to change their PIN only (in bBank tab).




1. Starting the bCashCoach App for the first time change the Master PIN (MPIN) – the default is “0000″ (showing as “….” in the field “Actual”). Type your “New” MPIN and retype it to “Confirm”.

2. To create a new Client profile and bank account for your child tap “+” at the upper-right corner in bClient tab and fill in all fields: Name, Client’s PIN (let your child to choose), Initial Credit, Client’s theme color, Exchange Rate (bMoney to $) and take a snap of your child.

Anytime after logging in with the MPIN you can edit the Client’s Name, Color and Photo tapping the blue round arrow in bClient tab. Use bBank tab to edit the Exchange Rate and Credit.



3. To create a new saving plan tap “+” at the upper-right corner in bPlan tab, take a picture of the desired object (if not, the default picture will appear) and fill in all fields:
Name of the desired product
in $
(your child’s job description for earning his/her salary)
(per task in bMoney)
(how often the task is going to be performed per week).
All fields are required.
You can edit the plan that is still OPEN.
There can be only one open plan at a time for each client.

4. To close the plan use the “Close” button in upper-right corner in the plan detail. You can choose:

a) “Buy” to successfully finish the plan – money for the plan will be taken from the client’s account and the plan will be closed as FINISHED successfully or
b) “Revoke” to cancel the plan – the plan will be closed as CANCELED or
c) “Delete” to delete the plan absolutely (also from all plans history of the client) or
d) “Cancel” to cancel the Close operation and leave the plan still OPEN.

It is very important whether the plan was closed as FINISHED or CANCELED. This information is used to determine the actual client’s Star rating and Level of his/her money managing skills (a motivational degree) shown in the bBank tab of the client. Star rating and Level are automatically calculated based on the client’s money saving/spending behavior. Deleted plans are not included in calculations so it is recommended to use the Delete choice only in case of a mistaken plan creation.

5. When your child performs the task, his/her bMoney will literally “fly” (as bees) into the bank account after you tap the “Task done” button in bBank tab. Make sure you do it together with your child so he/she can see the bMoney (bees) coming in exchange for their work.






When a child is logged in he/she can view the account balance by tapping “View Bees” button in bBank tab (1 bee represents 1 bMoney, 1 honey pot stands for 10 bMoney and 1 beehive is 100 bMoney).







The parent is also able to change the account balance directly (use it for extra debit/credit transactions). As the money grows in the account of your child the puzzle like photo in the open plan is getting more and more colorful to show your child the progres and how is his/her desired object “getting closer” to him/her. Do not forget that for making it interesting for children all money transactions and visualizations are in bMoney currency (the only exception is a saving plan creation).




6. bStudy tab provides you access to 3 useful documents: Introductory video to bCashCoach App concept; Case Study slide show of using the bCashCoach App for tantrum free shopping and Study Slides document with educational tips for parents.






7. bHelp tab provides you this bHelp document.









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