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Your Darling Blog Workshop

I just love to be inspired by strong visual presence of Jo Klima’s design – feminine, artistic and organic, as she describes it on her website TheDarlingTree . I am a big fan of Jo Klima’s  authentic graphic expression and her good will to share  and inspire via her  blog AugustEmpress . I always browse the shop [...]

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And They Played All Day

Naomi Aldort Parenting Help

Please welcome Naomi Aldort, bestselling author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves — a book I recommend regularly to my friends — who has written today’s guest post. I am honored to have her here on my blog. At the piano, 3-year-old Lennon plays random sounds. “Why don’t you teach him to play?” asks my [...]

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Enough Mind

teaching kids about money

A long time ago in Japan, one Zen Master was receiving a scholar, a university professor. At their meeting the Zen Master invited the scholar to drink tea with him. They sat together and the professor was talking and talking and talking about his understanding of Zen. In the meantime, the Zen Master started to [...]

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bCashCoach App is a tool for parents teaching their kids healthy cash habits together with ecological awareness and care for our planet. I believe that there is a need to pass an eco+logical teaching to our children. I’m sure many of us, loving parents are already doing that… but in our busy lives there is [...]

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Your shopping choices matter

Our life through history to modern world changed tremendously and from consumers of nature produce we became customers of mainly manufactured goods. In today’s world the solution to our basic needs of food, water, warmth (weather protection) and safety (shelter) comes in a form of commodities and services that we BUY. We are living much [...]

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