About me

Hi everyone! Greetings from Slovakia. Trying to make a peek into the BIG world from our little country. LOL I’m a mum of 1-year old gorgeous little girl. Her presence in my life inspires me a lot to be aware, open-minded, heart-centered and loving what is. My name is Oli and I’m the body, mind and heart behind of the bCashCoach iPhone App (coming soon to AppStore). My husband is a great computer programmer and together with his friends he is behind the technical part of bCashCoach App – a tool for parents teaching their kids healthy cash habits together with Eco+logical awareness and care for our planet.

I strongly believe that there is a need to pass this teaching to our children. I’m sure many of us, loving parents are already doing that… but in our busy lives there is still a vacancy for a tool to make things easier.

bCashCoach App makes it easy with keeping track with all little details to make any allowance scheme to work. It gives you the options to create a virtual bank account for your kids, engages them for planned saving projects, motivates them to reach their goals using star rating and proficiency degree, simple to record any change of account balance, feels playful using currency of “beeMoney” and gives you and your child a the peace of mind when your shopping expedition might lead into a unavoidable tantrum. It provides information about how the way we shop can make a difference for the world.

bCashCoach App supports busy parents to raise financially successful and Eco+logically caring kids. I believe that we as human beings can be financial successful, respecting others and caring for nature at the same time.

Well, it sounds like I’m on a mission. :lol:

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