Helpful Tool

bCashCoach is a unique App that engages your children in a process of learning about the value of money.

It allows you to:
a) set up a virtual bank accounts
b) track and record savings
c) create saving plans

bCashCoach automatically:
d) provides star rating statistics
e) gives a motivational degree

Wisdom to Share

Communication is one of key elements when using bCashCoach. Teaching your kids a wise shopping decision is an open doorway to share eco-logical values.
In bStudy tab we speak about:

a) recycling
b) fair-trade
c) carbon footprint
d) respecting resources
e) waste production awareness

Learning Process

Using bCashCoach consistently will allow your children to experience and learn pros & cons and enforce their growing skills in those areas:

a) needs vs. wants
b) saving vs. spending
c) planning vs. impulsive shopping
d) endurance vs. lack of self-discipline
e) own decision making vs. peer pressure

About bCashCoach App

bCashCoach App is a tool for busy parents teaching their kids healthy cash habits together with eco+logical awareness and care for our planet. It is a very helpful tool and can be used in your day to day life. It teaches key money concepts to children and engages them in a process of learning about the value of money.

This is not a traditional allowance system. It is a real life experience for your kids to learn the value of working for money. The experience of earning is matching modern world situation. Using bCashCoach App parents set up a virtual bank accounts and money earned by kids literally fly right there. bCashCoach App uses a fantasy currency of bee-Money (bMoney) and parents can set an appropriate exchange rate to dollar. When saying "bMoney", we are spreading the message of abundance. We might seem like magicians transforming our skills, labor and time to different form of energy - money. A bee is a smart little animal, the best symbol of sweet awards for hard work. A hard-working bee is a central motive of this iPhone App and kids are awarded by a motivational degree from "apprentice" to "master beekeeper" based on their growing skills. It is geared towards children ages 4-12.

bCashCoach underlines parent's authority to provide basic financial education. With this App you can be a CashCoach for your kids!

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